Tropical Ecology Climbing Class

Tree Climbing Class for Tropical Ecology 

The Tropical Ecology Tree Climbing Course (Canopy Access Techniques/Rain Forest Climbing) is taught each Christmas break and again from June 15 to July 13 in coastal rainforest/swamp forest at the Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation field station at Boca del Drago, Panama. The rain forest tree climbing course is recommended for both undergraduates and graduate students in various biological research programs, and those interested in adventure education and recreation. It includes a full spectrum of climbing instruction in all of the above methods, lectures in tropical ecology, individual research, potential course credit, 3-day field trip to a nearby highlands cloud forest, and immersion in local culture. For more information call Dr. Peter Lahanas or assistant professor Joe Maher in Panama (during the summer and at Christmas) at 011-507-6853-2134. Or you can check the field station website at The cost is variable and does not include transportation to or from Panama. (Note: There is no discount available for this course.)

Climbing in Rain Forest