Tree Climbing Class Reviews:

From a Student:

Review of class:

The basic tree climbing class was both educational and enjoyable.  The instructors, in addition to being experts in the field of tree climbing, were also full of information about a wide range of subjects, both related and unrelated to climbing trees.  They were also a lot of fun to be around.  After 3 days of class, I felt like I’d known them for years.  For those who might be apprehensive about taking this type of course, be reassured that safety was the first priority, and the small class size (in my case, 3 instructors for 2 students) added to the sense of security.  I had a great time, and strongly recommend this organization for anyone who wants to get high (into a tree!)



Keith Havens


I attended the Basic Tree Climbing Class in August 2013.   I specifically wanted to learn what equipment is required and how to use it to safely maneuver in a tree.  What I actually got was quite a bit more than that. The instructors displayed a passion about their subject, the ecological and ethical use of the natural habitat that went way beyond the goals I had set for myself.

This class opened a whole new world for me. it made me an advocate and a tree-gazer with a perpetual stiff neck.  In time,  with more practice and more training, I’d like to think I might be able to share the knowledge I received from this course with others.

Bernie Boeger  ,  Newark, Illinois

From a Student:

I would like to leave a little feedback on my experience with the basic tree climbing class that I took with Tree Trek on April 5 – 7 2013.

First of all I read a little about the instructors Jeff, Bill and Joe and they certainly have an amazing background. But it wasn’t until I met them that Friday afternoon when I started the class that what I had read was certainly none short. These Guys are professionals.

I am 63 and had never used rope technique to climb. I am really amazed at how neat it is. When I climbed up 50 feet in the tree and nothing was between me and the ground but a blakes hitch knot I got a little bit spiritual.

If you are browsing around on the net wondering about tree climbing , I say go for it. It certainly is good exercise. Those instructors Jeff, Bill and Joe can have you climbing in no time flat. It will change your life forever.
You will never look at a tree the same way.

James Whitlow
From: Flowery Branch, GA.