Tree Climbing Guide Service

Tree Climbing Guide Service

Tree Trek is now offering a tree climbing guide service to provide a unique experience for people looking for outdoor activities while on vacation, or while visiting the North Georgia area for the weekend. Tree Trek provides all of the climbing equipment required; all of our life safety climbing equipment is manufactured by reputable manufacturers specifically for climbing, and of course is life rated. Our climbs are lead by our Master Climbing Instructors so you can be confident that you are in the hands of highly experienced climbers with thousands of hours of climbing behind them. Climbing Safety is our first concern,  naturally this is closely followed by our desire to provide you with a truly memorable tree climbing experience. Don’t worry you are clipped onto the rope at ALL times when your feet are off of the ground!
The price is 150.00 per person for the day trip. We recommend that you bring a picnic lunch and plenty of water because we will be out all day.

Tree Climbing for your aniversary

Enjoy a day out in Nature, High up in the canopy with the world at your feet. Let us take you on a guided climb.

A Common Misconception about Recreational Tree Climbing

One of the most common misconceptions regarding recreational tree climbing is that it takes a lot of upper body strength. This is not the case! Done properly recreational tree climbing is primarily driven by your legs, you can supplement your tree climbing by using upper body strength but it is NOT necessary to have anything beyond average upper body strength. The bottom line is that anyone with average strength and in average physical shape will be able to be successful in recreational tree climbing. It is also GREAT exercise, working on arms, legs, core and cardio all in one activity.

Who Can Climb?

We like to say that our climbers cover the range from 8 to 80. Children, adults even elderly adventurers are able to participate. We have had climbers as young as 6, the most important factor for young children is that they are able and willing to follow directions. As far as our older climbers the important factor is that you are in sufficient physical condition to do strenuous exercise, if so you will be able to participate in roped tree climbing. Climbing is not a race so you can climb at your own pace and rest as necessary. We even have special equipment to rig climbing systems for physically handicapped climbers, so that everyone can enjoy an exciting tree climbing experience.

What to expect on your Guided Tree Climb

Our Guided Tree Climb begins in the morning when we meet at the farm for a brief introductory climb in some of the trees at the farm. After that, based on your groups climbing abilities and preferences, we will select a destination anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour away. We will load up the climbing equipment and head into the wilderness for a great outdoor adventure. When we arrive at the destination everyone puts on their pack and we hike to the trees that we will be climbing. (The hike ranges from 100 yards to a mile or more depending on your preference.) We have climbing destinations that involve vertical climbs that will take you more than 100 feet up or lower trees that offer spreading branches and don’t require you to climb that high.You will take part in getting the climbing ropes into the tree and set up on safe settings. Your Guide / Instructor will tie all of the climbing knots and will accompany you into the tree. Your Guide will then establish more settings in the tree to provide opportunities for you to climb higher and to access other parts of the tree’s canopy in what is called a “multi” pitch climb. Tree climbing is a great outdoor activity and offers a whole new way to experience Nature!

I promise you will never look at trees the same way again.

In Tree Photography

Be sure to bring your camera along, you won’t believe the magnificent pictures that you will get. Pictures of people, trees, nature or the great panorama that surrounds you, I frequently climb with my Nikon SLR camera.

The view looking down from 80 feet up in an oak tree

Looking down fro 80 feet up in an oak tree. Did you notice the two waterfalls in the background?