Tree Climbing Class, March

The weather was threatening, (The weatherman said it was going to rain) but as it turned out we did not get wet.

Jose arrived early Saturday morning and we got started on the “basic tree climbing class”

Jose was familiar with climbing techniques and had no problem remembering the knots and handling the throw line. By the time that we stopped for lunch had made made 6 in tree transfers and was feeling very confident in his newly learned climbing techniques. After lunch we got back to work tree climbing and Jose made another 6 transfers. By the end of the day he had made it to the top setting of over 85 feet in a white oak. We spent another hour or so talking about equipment selection and maintenance before wrapping it up for the day. We started out Sunday morning with a discussion of tree risk assessment before going back out to start climbing again. After a bit of tree climbing to get warmed up and to make certain that the lessons from the previous day had all been retained we went into “Rescue mode”. We always teach our students some basic rescue techniques for getting a stuck or injured DRT tree climber down to the ground safely.

Here are a few pictures from the Basic Tree Climbing Class

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    Basic Tree Climbing Class, March 2016
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