The importance of Mulch

We take a great deal of effort to keep 2 to 4 inches of mulch covering the ground under our principle grove tree especially during the summer months when there is heavy traffic during the summer camp activities. This provides several benefits both to the tree as well as to the people, here are some of the benefits:

1. Prevents soil compaction and the resulting root damage.

2. Holds water on the ground longer to allow more absorption during dry months.

3. Mulch breaks down to provide a rich nutrient layer to feed the tree.

4. The decaying mulch provides a ready environment for worms and insects that in turn aerate the soil.

5. The soft cushion provided by the layer of mulch not only prevents soil compaction, it also cushions the feet of the facilitators and reduces fatigue over the course of a long day.

6. A good layer of mulch keeps the ropes out of the dirt, this is especially helpful on rainy days when there would be a layer of mud if it weren’t for the mulch.