Training for ProArborist Tree Climbers

ProArborist Tree Climbing Training

Here at the Tree Trek Climbing school we have always specialized in training for the adventure and research climber however as the years have passed we have found ourselves training more and more of the folks that are in the business of working in trees. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, we ONLY teach TREE CLIMBING TECHNIQUES. We do not teach any of the cutting or rigging techniques involved in pruning or removing trees, we also DO NOT teach anything related to spiked climbing. With that all being said our classes have become increasing popular with the ProArborist Tree Climbing Training community because we do such a thorough job of training the beginning climber. We keep our classes small so that we can spend the time with each student making certain that they know how to establish new settings and tie the knots that will enable them to move up into and around the canopy so that they can do an efficient job in the tree. Our Basic Tree climbing classes consist of  completing eight in tree transfers under our direct supervision. This means that you will spend the bulk of the time with your boots in the air rather than spending most of your time sitting on a tarp. additionally we will show you several techniques for in-tree throwing and retrieval ,because this is vital to your advancement in climbing. We will show you these techniques in class and we can help you try them out, but in all fairness you will be perfecting these particular skills over the next year and there will be good days and bad days. The one thing that I can tell you is that by the time that you complete the class you will know hot to tie the knots and you will know how to go about doing a multi pitch climb. Not only will you know how to to do a multipitch climb, you will know that you know how, THAT is where the confidence comes from!

Join us for a class and you will find yourself being much more comfortable getting up into the trees.