Rain Forest Researchers Climbing Class

Rain Forest/Cloud Forest Researcher’s Class 

The Skills required for Rain Forest Climbing is what this class is all about.

The 36-hour Rain Forest/Cloud Forest Researcher’s Course is taught Monday through Friday during the second or third week of May and December, at the end of the fall and spring semesters. It is designed to prepare students, instructors and researchers for climbing at biological field stations in difficult tropical conditions. All participants are taught the basic and beyond the basics climbing methods as well as techniques for accessing and working in humid/wet conditions.

The humid conditions, height of the entry pitches and over all congestion of the under-story are what set rain forest climbing apart from more conventional climbing. We provide you with the knowledge to overcome all of these challenges and more.

Wet and Wild in the Rain Forest Climbing

This is a fast paced class that is designed to provide the broadest possible set of climbing skills in a week of intense climbing.

The cost is $400 a person; private instruction is $500 a person.