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This is a free service. Many users of this website are highly talented in various outdoor and research disciplines in addition to roped tree climbing, and often have invested considerable amounts of money, time and sweat to learn these skills. Many also have other skills that are useful in the adventure, research or educational communities. We try to put job seekers/interns/volunteers together with legitimate organizations, employers or researchers. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the postings. We encourage employers to either guarantee a reasonable salary/stipend/educational grant, or at least pay the travel and living expenses in advance for interns/volunteers. We encourage all applicants for these jobs or intern/volunteer opportunities to check out the organization/employer in advance and to use common sense to determine legitimate offers. We also encourage them to fulfill all the terms of the position. For example, if a volunteer tree climber is needed for a three-month research project in equatorial Africa then the applicant should contract in advance to the full project, its projected workload, and the time frame – there have been incidents where “volunteers” were flown at considerable expense to the research or job site and then left without performing most of their assigned tasks. There have also been a couple of reported incidents where researchers abandoned their interns/volunteers at the end of a project and left them to pay unexpected expenses. We reserve the right to reject or delete links that are deemed inappropriate.

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