Beyond the Basics Climbing Class

Beyond the Basics Tree Climbing Class

This class is for the student who has mastered all of the skills of DRT (Double Rope Techniques) and DREC tree climbing (Double Rope End Climbing) techniques.

Tree Climbing a Giant White Pine in North GA

Climbing a giant White Pine in North GA

One of the main focuses in this advanced class is the use of SRT methods of tree climbing (Single Rope Technique) These techniques provide the experienced tree climber with many more options to get into a tree when the first limb is too high or just plain impossible to reach with an isolated setting. Once mastered, SRT is often a climber’s preferred method of entry into tall trees where the initial pitch is over 50 feet.

Beyond The Basics classes are taught by prior arrangement only, but we try to work with your schedule whenever possible. The cost is $300 per person and the course is limited to three participants.

This Beyond the Basics tree climbing class focuses on advanced climbing equipment and maintenance, advanced tree-entry methods, rescue techniques, single-rope tree climbing techniques, and rigging techniques. We also include advanced techniques for throw bag retrieval while in the tree, to facilitate movement within the tree or for moving from tree to tree. Note: All participants must complete the Basic Tree Climbing Course or demonstrate that they have adequately learned the basic climbing method and safety procedures on their own.

After taking this class you will find that your climbing ability is greatly expanded, and you will usually feel more comfortable in taller, wild trees that are more than 100 feet tall.

You will get the maximum benefit from Beyond the Basics if you have regularly practiced DRT for several months before taking this advanced course.

Advanced tree climbing training rigging gear in trees

The cost of this course is $300 a person; a 20 percent discount is available if you bring two other participants.