Basic Tree Climbing Class

BasicTree Climbing Class,  (DRT)

Tree Climbing Class held at Georgia CollegeOur 20-hour Basic Tree Climbing Class (BTCC) is taught the Third weekend of February, March, April, May, August and September,October and November.

Friday, May 16, through Sunday, April 18: Basic tree climbing course; Lake Lanier, Georgia

Friday, June 20, through Sunday, June 22: Basic tree climbing course; Lake Lanier, Georgia

Note: We also schedule extra classes any time that we have enough interest to warrant the extra class. Contact us for more information.

This course focuses on equipment selection and maintenance, basic tree-entry methods, double-rope climbing techniques, and moving vertically and horizontally in the canopies of two or more species. One of the major differences between our tree climbing class and most others is, you will spend most of your class time CLIMBING, we require each student to complete 8 in tree transfers during the class. This assures that each student is ready to go out and climb on their own with complete confidence.

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    Becoming familiar with the equipment is the first step in learning to climb. Care and maintance of your equipment is an important part of your training.
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    The next step is to properly fit your harness, this makes it more comfortable as the day goes on.
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    A brief talk about what we are about to do and the standard safety protocols that we follow.
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    About the climbing knot, This is the very hart of DRT tree climbing. You will have tied this knot dozens of times during the course of your tree climbing class.
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    Everyone can climb... Young & Old... Big or Little. You do NOT have to have a great deal of upper body strength because this method of climbing is done primarily with your legs!

This is a HANDS ON class,  you will spend the majority of the class time with your feet  in the Air!

 We Begin our class

Friday evening with a Preliminary climb just to give you feel for how the climbing process is done. Then we spend a couple of hours talking about equipment, safety and other fundamental information.

On Saturday morning we get started bright and early when we start a full day of knot tying,

Students climbing

Students climbing

tree climbing, Hazard assessment and all of the other skills that you will need to become a successful tree climber.

Sunday continues with more climbing and reviews of Tree selection, Hazard assessment and Multi pitch climbing. We strive to have each student complete 8 in tree transfers, this is the process of transferring from your initial setting to a second setting that you have established while up in the tree attached to your initial setting. This is the very heart of Recreational Tree Climbing because it provides you with the ability not only get into the tree but to move up,

Tree Climbing Equipment

We will provide all of the required Tree Climbing equipment, the only thing that we suggest you bring as far as equipment goes is a pair of flexable work gloves. Gloves with a soft leather like palm seem to work well. This prevents blisters that realy get uncomfortable by the second day. We Recomend that students NOT purchase equipment prior to taking the class,we have had students in the past that have purchased “starter” kits that some times contain gear that you don’t need. You will have the opportunatie to try out several different ropes and harneses during your training, as well as discussing pros and cons of many different brands and types of equipment. You Will be better able to select the correct equipment after the Basic Tree Climbing Class that before. In the end you will save money and be more satisfied with your equipment if you wait to make your purchase untill after the class.

Some of the key points of this tree climbing class are:

 Knot Tying   -   Rope Placement   –  Tree Selection   -   Assent and Descent  –                    Equipment requirements and Equipment maintenance.                                  

  The cost is $250 a person; private instruction is $400 a person.

Note: We Offer a 20% Discount if you Bring a group of 3 or more to the Basic Tree Climbing class.

Tree climbing is on it’s way to becoming a main line sport with the development of GOTC, or GO Tree  they are taking up the reigns as the authority for setting standards for the Instruction of future tree climbers. Here at Tree Trek we have embraced and supported the development of  All of our Instructors are recognized as “Master” Instructors, this means that not only can we instruct entry level classes but we can train students all the way up to becoming a Tree Climbing Instructor themselves. You can be confidant that you are getting the very best training and instruction.

Tree Climbing opens a whole new view of the world! If you enjoy nature you need to try tree climbing, It gives you a whole new perspective.

Vista from the top of a giant Bald Cypress

Vista from the top of a Giant Bald Cypress