Basic Tree Climbing class, October 2015

We had a great group of students for our Basic Tree Climbing Class this month. All six students showed up enthusiastic and ready to climb! We keep our classes small to assure that each student receives plenty of individual instruction, since most of our class time is spent climbing we don’t have large classes. We first allowed the students to climb on settings that we had established, just so that they would get a feel for how to go about climbing. New students often expect that they will require a great deal of upper body strength, in fact when done properly most of the climbing energy is derived from the legs. From there we began showing them the knots so that they will have a general idea of what the system looks like. We accomplished this on Friday afternoon, this way when the students came back refreshed and ready to climb on Saturday they already have an idea of what we would be doing all day long. By showing them on Friday and then Saturday having them climbing and tieing the knots we find that people are better able to retain those skills and will continue climbing long after they have left the class.

This class formed some strong friendships as they went thru the strenuous exercise and excitement of learning a new set of skills that would allow them to go to places that no other people had been.

Here are some pictures from the class:

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